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Creator: Kate Parham
Date: 1907
Description: Rule and information on how to use the library with pages of advertisement.
Collection: City of Winthrop

Creator: Kate Parham
Date: June 27, 1899
Description: An invitation to the dedication exercises for the Frost Public Library.
Collection: City of Winthrop

Creator: Kate Parham
Date: June 27th, 1899
Description: Dedication Exercises of the Frost Public Library Building
Tuesday, June 27th, 1899

Creator: Kate Parham
Date: 1886-1899
Description: Winthrop, MA Public Library opened January, 1886. The Frost Building, a memorial to the late Morrill Frost, formerly a resident of Winthrop, was dedicated in June, 1899. Number of volumes, 1909,…

Creator: Kate Parham
Description: Portraits of Mr. & Mrs. Frost

Creator: Kate Parham
Date: 1895
Description: A story book called Thankful Blossom by Bret Harte.
Collection: Bret Harte Collection

Creator: Kate Parham
Date: 1898
Description: A story book called In The Carquinez Woods.
Collection: Bret Harte Collection

img011 (2).jpg
Creator: Kate Parham
Date: 1907-1910
Description: Photos of the 3 rooms that housed artifacts. West Room in Public Library- Picture taken May 30, 1907- Exhibit of War relics ect. in connection with Dedication of Soldier's Monument.

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Date: 01-2019
Description: Gus and Martha attend story hour every Friday.

brazier 1.jpg
Creator: Brazier, David
Date: 04-2016
Description: John Cimino in front of his Barber Shop on Shirley Street, Winthrop, MA. 2016. John passed away on January 16, 2019.

Bishop 9.jpg
Creator: Bishop, Barbara
Date: 2017
Description: Mazzuchelli served in the US Army from 1979 to 2000, both active and reserves.

Date: 12-2-1945
Description: Resettlement duty
Born: 1921 June 28
Branch: Army, 175th Infantry Division
Highest rank: Corporal
Honors: Bronze Star, Purple Heart

Description: Cmdr. Robert E Coleman USN
Born: 1910 April 7
Branch of Service: Navy
Highest Rank: Commander

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Date: 9-14-2019
Description: 14 month old twins, Harper and Addison, got their first library cards today. Children's Librarian Mary Kate Schulte in the background.