Humans of Winthrop 2017

A collection of photos taken by various photographers around Winthrop, MA during the month of April 2017.


  • Institution: Winthrop Public Library and Museum


  • Massachusetts--Suffolk (county)--Winthrop


Attorney Jerome Falbo of Winthrop
Jessica Croce, Singer/Songwriter
Thomas Hankyard of Webster First Credit Union
James the Bartender of Blackstrap BBQ Restaurant
Rose Trionfi-Mazzuchelli - Veterans' Service Officer
Nancy Williams, Director of the Robert A. DeLeo Senior Center
Brenda and Stephen Christopher of Christopher's Flowers
Alice Matarazzo and Ruth Hames.  That's what friends are for!
Anthony Womach.  His smile can light up the town!
Carol Facella.
Dorothy (Dot) Swenson
Janice and Guy Prather
Joey Brancato of Winthrop
Nok and John Stasio
Lorraine Farmer
Mike West, Winthrop DPW
Anabelle Lee McAdams (age 16) of Winthrop
Gabi (age 20) and dog Rudi of Winthrop
Sydney (age 16) and her mom, of Winthrop
Brandon (age 16) of Winthrop
Dana (age 17) loves ice cream!
Mike Cabral at WCAT
Susan and Suzanne Martucci
Fr. Walter Connelly
Richard Honan
A man and his best friend.
Another man and his dog.
Pimenta 1
Pimenta 2
Sheffield 1
Sheffield 2
Trainor 9
Trainor 2
Crombie, Matthew  -Principal of Winthrop High School
Winthrop residents Donna Segreti Reilly and Richard Honan at Winthrop High School
Trainor photo
Two boys
Two boys
Richelle Tacelli Flavin and dog Teddy
True 1
True 2
True 3
True 4
True 5
True 6
True 7
True 8
True 9
Whiting 1
Whiting 2
Whiting 3
Whiting 4
Whiting 5
Patricia B. Tacelli of Washington Avenue in Winthrop
Whiting photo
Phyllis Poor of Winthrop Street in Winthrop
Whiting 9
Whiting 10
Mom and child at Library program held at the Senior Center
Mom and daughter
Poet---- and Katrina Donovan, Poet and Library Assistant at the Winthrop Public Library
Three young ladies in the library after school
Young boy reading in the Children's Room at the library.
Sue and Mike Miller of Winthrop
Violet the Clown visits the Library

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