Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Probate Court.
Receipt From Town of Winthrop
Floyd & Tucker Insurance
Winthrop Grammar School
Bill of Sale of Enrolled Vessel.
Things As I Remember Them In Winthrop, MA
The Life of David Floyd
Regular Republican Ticket Flyer
A Letter To Mr. Floyd
Copies of Notices
Letter From Trustees
A Letter Talking About Who's Who In a Picture (Photo Not Available)
Notice of David Floyd's Death
Handwritten Letter of Donation
"Pullen Point" Land Allotments
40th Anniversary of the Edifice of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Winthrop
Report Written by Mr. David Floyd, Chairman of the Town's Special Committee on Lands for Parks & Playgrounds
A Synopsis of David Floyd's Scrape Book
Old Chelsea (part 1)
Old Chelsea (Part 2)
Winthrop Improvement & Historical Association (Part 1)
Winthrop Improvement & Historical Association (Part 2)

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