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Description: "It is reported that the first Young Men's Christian Association in the United States was founded in 1851 by a group of evangelicals from several Boston churches who modeled it on the original YMCA…[More]

Description: Postcard shows a view of the YMCA building at the corner of Main Street and Yale Avenue. A portion of the First Baptist Church is visible at the right.
Collection: Wakefield Postcards

Date: 1921
Description: Postcard shows a view of (left to right) the Wakefield YMCA, the First Baptist Church and the Lafayette Building (presently the William J. Lee Town Hall).
Collection: Wakefield Postcards

Creator: Bruce, Sofia
Date: 2010
Description: "I like this picture and copied it because it's next to Yale Ave where I live. The town hall has changed a lot but the rest looks the same." - caption provided by Sofia Bruce (age 7), contest winner.[More]

Creator: Power, Mary Anne
Date: 2010
Description: "Attached is my photo from February of the old YMCA building, when Artichokes had the "Christmas Tree" decorated for Valentine's Day. I was happy that the renovations into Artichokes and condos…[More]

Creator: MacDonald, Julia
Date: 2010
Description: "The reason I chose to take a now picture of the YMCA is because of how much the YMCA has been involved in my life during my childhood. Since I moved to Wakefield in the 2nd grade my mom has sent me…[More]