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Date: 10-13-1919
Description: "Veterans of the Grand Army celebrated with more than 10,000 townspeople as they paid tribute to the soldiers of World War I during the Welcome Home Day festivities. The town was resplendent in its…[More]

Date: 05-28-1894
Description: "Wakefield residents were awakened on Settlers' Day by dynamite salutes and the ringing of bells. Soon after, the streets of Wakefield were filled with carriages, bicycles, horsemen and a moving…[More]

Date: 1905
Description: "Members of the Horace M. Warren Post No. 12 of the G.A.R., 'ex-soldiers of the War of 1861-1865' often met at the group's 'corner' of the hall on Foster Street. The building, once part of the old…[More]

Date: 1898
Description: "This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Spanish-American War which was declared on April 26, 1898. This action followed Spain's oppressive treatment of Cuba's struggle for independence since…[More]