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Date: 04-1925
Description: "By 1925, the historic Hathaway Stable was in a 'dilapidated' state, contrary to the once thriving business operated by George H. Hathaway in the mid-1890s as a 'Livery, Sale and Boarding Stable'…[More]

Date: 10-23-1899
Description: "The Hathaway Stable fire on October 21, 1899, destroyed 13 buildings, including the horse stables, the wooden central fire station, two blacksmith shops and several houses. Thirty-nine horses…[More]

Date: 09-1916
Description: "Referred to as the old Bessey Stable, this wooden building at the corner of Main and Chestnut Streets was torn down by the Central Building Wrecking Company of Chelsea in late September 1923 to make…[More]

Creator: Payro, J. (Joseph C.), 1862-1953
Date: 1899

Creator: Payro, J. (Joseph C.), 1862-1953