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Date: 08-26-1917
Description: "Richardson Light Guard, Company A, 6th Regiment departed Wakefield for Fort Devens, and eventually to the battlefields of France, on Sunday morning, August 26, 1917. The Company had been notified in…[More]

Date: 08-26-1917
Description: "Less than 24-hours before sending the 'boys' of Richardson Light Guard Company A, 6th Regiment to fight in World War I, thousands of residents greeted the Company at the Center Station late in the…[More]

Date: 1906
Description: "In April 1894, the armory in the Rink Building at 390 Main Street, was deemed unfit for use by state building inspectors, and Company A, also known as the Richardson Light Guard, was ordered to…[More]

Date: 10-13-1919
Description: "The Spanish War veterans marched in the Welcome Home Day parade 'in force, the men who followed the Civil War veterans as their country's defenders...they marched together for the last time, these…[More]

Date: 1877
Description: "The Richardson Light Guard marched to the home of the late Dr. Solon Richardson in full dress, which may have been prior to the 'mammoth military pageant' in Boston to honor President Rutherford B.…[More]

Date: 08-25-1917
Description: "Thousands of Wakefield residents, business owners and their employees turned out for the welcome parade for the boys of the Richardson Light Guard Company A who returned home from training in Ayer on…[More]

Creator: Keough, James H., 1864-1946
Description: "Two Wakefield men attained international prominence during their lifetimes as two of the most famous rifle shots in the world. Major James H. Keough and Captain George W. Chesley both won countless…[More]

Date: 05-06-1898
Description: "The United States declared war against the Kingdom of Spain on April 26, 1898, in response to Spain's oppressive treatment of Cuba and the February 15th destruction of the US battleship 'Maine' in…[More]

Date: ca. 1900-1939
Description: "According to the 'History of the Richardson Light Guard,' the military company was formed after a discussion involving three workers at Thomas Emerson's Sons shoe manufacturing business in September…[More]

Date: 04-07-1917
Description: "Company A, Sixth Regiment, was mustered into service at 9:30 p.m. on April 6, 1917. Soon after they were mustered into service, a call came into Captain Edward J. Connelly to hold the company in…[More]

Date: 1898
Description: "This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Spanish-American War which was declared on April 26, 1898. This action followed Spain's oppressive treatment of Cuba's struggle for independence since…[More]

Creator: Richardson, Solon O.
Description: "The first militia organized in Wakefield was a train-band known as the Reading Infantry Company, established in 1644, one year earlier than the Great and General Court order of 1645 which ordered all…[More]

Date: 06-17-1902
Description: "Thousands of Wakefield residents and friends turned out for the dedication of the monument, made possible by a bequest of $10,000 in the will of Mrs. Harriet N. Flint. In her will, Mrs. Flint…[More]

Date: ca. 1895
Description: "The Richardson Light Guard has a long and colorful history in Wakefield. Chartered in 1851, Company A, Sixth Regiment M.V.M. took as its local name 'the Richardson Light Guard' in honor of Dr. Solon…[More]

Creator: Howard, Loea Parker
Date: 1934
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Creator: Payro, J. (Joseph C.), 1862-1953
Date: [1910-1919?]
Description: Collection of photographs showing various buildings and members of the Wakefield Rifle Range, formerly Camp Plunkett.

Creator: Gerry, Joan
Date: 2011
Description: These photo mashups show Joan Gerry, who posed as a child astride one of the cannons at the foot of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which was erected on the Upper Common in 1902 to commemorate…