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Date: 1927
Description: "After a disappointing 1926 season, which, according to the Wakefield Town Report was not particularly successful because of the choice of plays, Coach Homer Shellenberger put the following team on…[More]

Date: 12-25-1897
Description: "Now known as the William J. Lee Memorial Town Hall, the Lafayette Building was built in the early 1870's after townspeople agreed that a new high school was needed to replace the existing one on…[More]

Date: 1961
Description: "Although mention of a hockey team at Wakefield High School can be traced to 1913, it was not fully recognized as a sport until the 1937-38 school year. Hockey at WHS got off to a slow start,…[More]

Date: 1900
Description: "The Class of 1900, was said (at the time) to have been the class with the greatest number of graduates from Wakefield High School. Of the 39 graduates, 21 successfully completed the Classical…[More]

Date: 1898
Description: "The town's annual report for the year ending January 31, 1899 noted that there were 50 teachers and more than 1,500 students throughout the school system. Of that total, seven teachers, including the…[More]

Date: 1900
Description: "Members of the Wakefield High School Drum Corps were most likely a part of the Wakefield High School Cadets. Due to the large number of young men who participated in this battalion, two Companies…[More]

Date: 05-28-1894
Description: "Among the highlights of the three-day 250th anniversary celebration was the Settler's Day celebration on Monday, May 28, 1894. The day's activities included a procession that included four divisions…[More]

Date: 1929-1930
Description: "Basketball was first introduced to Wakefield High School in the early 1920's. The 1929-1930 basketball team was referred to as the 'most successful one since basketball was introduced to the school. …[More]

Date: 1900
Description: "Baseball was a popular sport in Wakefield at the turn of the century, thanks to the efforts of the 1900 Wakefield High School Baseball Club. The team shared the Suburban League championship with…[More]

Date: 1966-1967
Description: "In 1916, a 'new' sport, track athletics, was introduced at Wakefield High School. The team slowly lost momentum, and after many years of inactivity, the indoor track team was reintroduced to WHS in…[More]

Date: ca. 1896
Description: "These students appear to be in the first grade. The Lincoln School, now the site of congregate housing, was built in 1892." -- Text from calendar by Jayne M. D'Onofrio.

Date: 02-25-1902
Description: "The Hamilton School, built in 1884, was located at the southeasterly corner of Albion and Lake Street. On March 12, 1883, the Town of Wakefield voted at Town Meeting to appoint a committee to…[More]

Date: 1930-1933
Description: "Teams of seventh grade boys, representing one team from each of the six Wakefield public grammar schools (Lincoln, Hurd, Franklin, Woodville, Warren and Greenwood), competed in the annual grammar…[More]

Date: 1983
Description: "During the spring of 1953, several enthusiastic girls tried their hand at softball, forming teams of nine with 'catchy' names. Coached by Miss Katherine Nichols, the girls played tournament style…[More]

Date: 1980
Description: "The first mention of girls' soccer at Wakefield High School was in the 1955 yearbook which noted that the girls played intramural games from September to November. The first girls soccer team was…[More]

Description: "In 1919, a new sport was introduced at Wakefield High School which enabled girls to 'indulge in the history of competitive athletics.' Through the efforts of the Athletic Association, arrangements…[More]

Date: 1937
Description: "In late September 1919, 26 prospective players showed up for football practice, the first time since 1905 that Wakefield High School fielded a team. In the course of a week, an epidemic broke out,…[More]

Date: 1980
Description: "Field hockey at Wakefield High School began in 1926 as an interclass sport, due in part to a short season and weather conditions. In 1930, the Junior Class team was captained by Catherine Nichols.…[More]

Description: "The early settlers of Reading were men and women of modest means, concerned primarily with the building of modest domiciles for themselves, meeting houses, and sanctuaries where they could worship in…[More]

Date: 1971
Description: "In 1921, cross country was referred to as 'one of the older sports of the school.' From 1910 to 1921, several runners made their mark in cross country both at the high school and collegiate levels.…[More]