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Date: 10-31-1923
Description: "This is a rare glimpse of the Kingman Block, now the Bourdon Block, at the corner of Main and Albion Streets, and of the Ye Barnard Inn on Albion Street. The photograph was taken on October 31, 1923…[More]

Date: 1971
Description: "Local residents gathered along Main Street to watch the Little League parade, which traveled from the Common to the Little League Field behind the former St. Florence Chapel on Del Carmine Street,…[More]

Date: 1900-1903
Description: "Built on land once occupied by the Solon Richardson mansion, the Richardson Building was home to Wakefield's Post Office from 1902 until 1924. As was the custom during the 1800s and early 1900s, the…[More]

Description: "The Wakefield Post Office has been a central part of the community for nearly 200 years, operating in a number of locations until its permanent home was dedicated in 1937. The first mail was brought…[More]

Date: 04-01-1924
Description: "After more than 20 years in the Richardson Building on Main Street, the Post Office moved to a new home at 9 Albion Street, between the Kingman and Caldwell Buildings, in 1924. When the Post Office…[More]

Date: 1894
Description: "The Post Office was among the many public and private buildings and homes which were decorated for the Town's 250th anniversary celebration in 1894. The building was draped in the national colors,…[More]

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M., 1964-
Date: 04-24-2008
Description: Photos show the U. S. Post Office located at 321 Main Street on the west side of the street at the corner of Yale Avenue. Wakefield's post office was located in several places in town before this…[More]

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M., 1964-
Date: 10-29-2007
Description: Photo shows a view of the building housing the offices of the Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department, located at 9 Albion Street on the north side of the street. The brick building was built for…[More]

Creator: Dupon, Annette
Date: 2011
Description: Historical image of Wakefield Post Office (Richardson Building) from the early 1900's mashed up with photo by Annette Dupon of Wakefield Post office back room, 2011.

Creator: Payro, J. (Joseph C.), 1862-1953