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Date: 1906
Description: "In April 1894, the armory in the Rink Building at 390 Main Street, was deemed unfit for use by state building inspectors, and Company A, also known as the Richardson Light Guard, was ordered to…[More]

Date: 05-06-1898
Description: "The United States declared war against the Kingdom of Spain on April 26, 1898, in response to Spain's oppressive treatment of Cuba and the February 15th destruction of the US battleship 'Maine' in…[More]

Date: 1898
Description: "This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Spanish-American War which was declared on April 26, 1898. This action followed Spain's oppressive treatment of Cuba's struggle for independence since…[More]

Date: ca. 1895
Description: "The Richardson Light Guard has a long and colorful history in Wakefield. Chartered in 1851, Company A, Sixth Regiment M.V.M. took as its local name 'the Richardson Light Guard' in honor of Dr. Solon…[More]