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Date: 12-25-1897
Description: "Now known as the William J. Lee Memorial Town Hall, the Lafayette Building was built in the early 1870's after townspeople agreed that a new high school was needed to replace the existing one on…[More]

Date: 1898
Description: "The town's annual report for the year ending January 31, 1899 noted that there were 50 teachers and more than 1,500 students throughout the school system. Of that total, seven teachers, including the…[More]

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M., 1964-
Date: 05-07-2008
Description: Photos show views of Wakefield's Town Hall, housing the town's municipal offices, located at 1 Lafayette Street on the west side of the Upper Common at the corner of Common Street. Built around 1871,…[More]

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M., 1964-
Date: 2011
Description: Original photo of Town Hall taken in 1897 when the building was still used as a school. Current photo taken by Jeff Klapes, 2011.