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Date: ca. 1905
Description: "The Board of Fire Engineers formed a hose company in Greenwood in September 1886 at the request of local residents, "with but little expense to the town, as apparatus was in storage and members…[More]

Description: "The Town of Wakefield is fortunate to have two fire stations to service the needs of the community, one in close proximity to Wakefield Square, the other in the Greenwood section of town. The…[More]

Date: 1914
Description: "1914 Peerless Chemical and Hose Wagon (Greenwood Hose 3) 1914 Peerless Squad Wagon 1914 Peerless Ladder Truck. In September, 1914, three new pieces of motor-driven fire apparatus were delivered to…[More]

Date: ca. 1907
Description: "Wakefield's brick Central Fire Station at the corner of Crescent and Mechanic (now Princess) Streets was built in 1900 after the Hathaway Stable fire destroyed the department's two-story wooden…[More]

Description: "Shortly after the incorporation of the town, the town of Reading recorded their first 'bucket brigades' in the 1660s. The first engine was put into service in the early 1800s and was known as the…[More]

Date: 07-03-1954
Description: "On April 1, 1902, the Town of Wakefield voted to sell the Greenwood Fire Station on Oak Street and convert the adjacent vacant Greenwood School building into a fire station. The school, originally…[More]

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M., 1964-
Date: 07-08-2008
Description: Photos show the building located at 9 Foster Street on the west side of the street between Albion Street and Richardson Avenue. The Queen Anne style structure was built around 1900 as a fire station…[More]

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M., 1964-
Date: 10-28-2007
Description: Photo shows the brick hose drying tower, originally part of the 1891 central fire station at the corner of Crescent and Princess Streets. The tower was the only part of the building that was saved…[More]