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Date: 1914
Description: "The French-roof house, once owned by the Honorable Daniel G. Walton and the Honorable Thomas Winship, was offered for sale in October 1914. Arthur G. Walton, who had purchased the interest of the…[More]

Date: 1893
Description: "The mansion of the late Cyrus Wakefield, at the site of the present Junior High and Atwell Schools, was decorated on July 1, 1893, to mark the 25th anniversary of the town's name change from South…[More]

Date: 1930
Description: "The Town Farm, also referred to at different times as the Town Almshouse, Town Infirmary, and Town Home, was located on Farm Street where Wakefield High School now stands. Shortly after Farm Street…[More]

Date: 1900-1939
Description: "This house on Meriam Street in Greenwood was the home of John Kidney Ferris, left, his second wife Sara (Duchess) Ferris, standing next to him, and his daughter Eleanor Hutchinson Ferris, third from…[More]

Date: ca. 1800-1899
Description: "Thought to be built somewhere around the 1750s, the Green house on Main Street was owned by Isaac Green in 1846. According to the Town of Wakefield finance records of 1846, Isaac Green was paid…[More]

Description: "The town of Wakefield was first incorporated in 1644, but her first settlers began to arrive from Lynn in 1639. During this time, the settlers began to cross the rough terrain and settle in the area…[More]

Date: ca. 1880
Description: "The horse with its driver approaches the Old Green House at the corner of what is now Main and Green Steets on the easterly side of Main Street, just north of the Greenwood Bridge. The house was…[More]

Date: ca. 1875
Description: "The house at 40 Salem Street was occupied by the families of Ralph Woodward (pictured with his wife at right), and Henry Sweetser (at left, with his wife in the center of the photo.) At the left, in…[More]

Date: ca.1880-1889
Description: "During the 1880s, James F. Woodward owned the house at 111 Albion Street. At the time, his property included a dwelling house, a stable, a tool factory, and nine to sixteen acres of land. It was here…[More]

Description: Postcard shows a view of an unidentified private home.
Collection: Wakefield Postcards

Description: Postcard shows a view of an unidentified private home.
Collection: Wakefield Postcards

Date: ca. 1908
Description: Postcard shows a view of the Isaac Green house in the Greenwood section of Wakefield on the east side of Main Street near the intersection with Green Street.
Collection: Wakefield Postcards

Creator: Hill, Loren
Date: 2010
Description: "This venerable old home has undergone renovations and improvements but is still quite recognizable from the early image. It stands in its neighborhood as a symbol of growth and progress within a…[More]

Creator: Kraus, Emma
Date: 2010
Description: "I walk my dog past this house all the time. I chose this photo because it was one of the only photos that did not change much." - caption provided by Emma Kraus, contest winner.

East Side Main St 1858.jpg
Creator: Payro, J. (Joseph C.), 1862-1953
Date: 1929