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Date: 1880-1889
Description: "Located on the west side of Main Street, across from the Greenwood School, the Greenwood Seminary was established around 1855 under Universalist 'influence' by Rev. Windsor B. Wait, who served as…[More]

Date: ca. 1959
Description: In the early 1950s, the late Wiliam S. Hawkes, publisher of Childlife Magazine, envisioned creating a family recreation center to be named Childlife World, similar to the Mother Goose parks throughout…[More]

Date: 1924
Description: "When the Wakefield Trust Company building at the corner of Main and Chestnut Streets was dedicated in December 1924, it was heralded as having all the modern conveniences, including vaults and…[More]

Date: 09-09-1905
Description: "The citizens of the Town of Wakefield established the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department in 1894. In 1905, the Wakefield Municipal Light Plant had 206 electric consumers, an increase of 16…[More]

Date: 1919
Description: "The Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department sold gas and electrical appliances for many years. In 1918, there were 2538 gas customers and 1,235 electric customers. The following year, there were…[More]

Date: 1935
Description: "Printed weekly in the newspaper, the Motorist's Corner featured local garages, gas (filling) stations and automobile dealers that offered specials such as American Gasolene & Oil Company's…[More]

Date: 1942
Description: "Taylor's Hardware advertised Blackout Curtains in preparation for the first town-wide test blackout on Sunday, March 15th, 1942 between 10 p.m. and 10:20 p.m. The test was conducted by the Wakefield…[More]

Date: 1935
Description: "Santoro's Cafe (as spelled by the establishment) at 502-504 Main Street in 'lower' Wakefield Square, opened in mid-1934 as a 'clean and orderly establishment,' a place where a man could bring his…[More]

Date: 1914
Description: "More than 150 people were turned away from the 8 p.m. showing of 'The Last Days of Pompeii' the 'longest and best-ever' film presented at the Princess Theatre. All but the first two rows of seats on…[More]

Date: 1935
Description: "The 'bob' was a blunt haircut for women that was level with the bottom of the ears all around the head. The bob, made popular in the 1920s, was a dramatic change from the long feminine hairstyles…[More]

Date: 1950
Description: "Lane's Drug Store was located in the new business block at the corner of Albion and Main Streets during the early 1940s. The store was similar to today's drug stores that sell health and beauty…[More]

Date: 1915
Description: "Gus' Home Bakery and Wakefield Home Cooking Annex was located in the Walton Block on North Avenue in 1915. The appeal of clean, sanitary food came at the same time Wakefield children participated in…[More]

Date: 1930
Description: "The Wakefield Lodge of Elks held a Funfest on Factory Field to raise money for the organization's charities. Originally scheduled to be held Friday through Monday (Labor Day), the carnival was…[More]

Date: 1933
Description: "Elite Quality Shop, a shoe store featuring a complete line of shoes for men, women and children, opened in the Curley Block at the corner of Main and Mechanic (Princess) Street in 1919. Owner Julius…[More]

Date: 1939
Description: "The number of riders on the Boston & Maine Railroad began to decline during the 1920s, leading to the abandonment of one of the three lines which served the town in 1926. Traveling to Boston by car…[More]

Date: 1930
Description: "John and Horace Dodge started in the automotive industry by supplying engines and transmissions to R.E. Olds, later selling engines, transmissions, and axles to Henry Ford for his automobiles. By…[More]