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Date: 05-23-1959
Description: "This photo is from a series of photos taken by Bourdon Studios as part of a Pleasure Island pre-opening publicity campaign in the town's 'business district'. Note the street light, along with the…[More]

Date: 1923
Description: "The Hodgdon Building, located on the east side of Main Street just south of Water Street, was built at the same time as the new Wakefield High School (former Atwell Building) and the time of the…[More]

Date: 12-1971
Description: "Wakefield High School's Atwell Building on Main Street was gutted by a multi-million dollar fire which was first noticed by a passing call firefighter at 8:23 p.m. on Sunday, December 12, 1971.…[More]

Date: ca. 1920
Description: "The Abraham Sweetser house, at left, was the first home of Cyrus Wakefield. The house was built in the early 1800s by Sweetser himself, probably on land owned by his father, Paul Sweetser, a man who…[More]

Date: 05-01-1924
Description: "Once the site of the Town's fist church and meeting house, the land at the corner of Main and Chestnut Streets was also home to another landmark, Bessey Stable, until the structure was razed to make…[More]

Date: ca. 1894
Description: "The Unitarian Universalist Church, the oldest existing religious building in Wakefield, had its beginnings on April 29, 1813, when seven South Reading men met at the Elm Street home of Col. Amos…[More]

Date: ca. 1909
Description: "The Main Street store, E.E. Gray Company, was one of 25 branch stores of the E.E. Gray Importers, Wholesale and Provision Dealers of Boston located throughout Greater Boston and Massachusetts. The…[More]

Date: ca. 1905
Description: "The Wakefield National Bank, later the Wakefield Trust Company, purchased the Hannah S. Brown land at the northwest corner of Main and Chestnut Streets in the early 1900s, and erected the building in…[More]

Date: ca. 1952
Description: "In 1952, Town Meeting unanimously voted to purchase, or take by right of eminent domain, five parcels of land and their structures to enable the Town to build a new senior high school on Main Street,…[More]

Date: ca. 1938
Description: "The downtown area of Wakefield was transformed in the late 1930s and early 1940s, with the razing of houses and brick buildings. The Gould Block, on the northern corner of Main and Centre Streets,…[More]

Date: 1971
Description: "Local residents gathered along Main Street to watch the Little League parade, which traveled from the Common to the Little League Field behind the former St. Florence Chapel on Del Carmine Street,…[More]

Date: ca. 1955
Description: "Town Meeting voted in 1952 to build a new high school on Main Street next to the high school built in 1923. Wakefield Memorial High School opened in 1955 and was named to honor all those killed on…[More]

Date: 08-1949
Description: "What was to be a state-funded rebuilding of Main Street from the Rockery to Greenwood, and the removal of the streetcar rails in 1949, led to the laying of a new drainage system down the middle of…[More]

Date: ca. 1919
Description: "The Perkins block at the south corner of Main and Albion Streets was once owned by Capt. John Perkins of Lynnfield Centre. At the time of the Civil War, the southern portion of the building was…[More]

Date: 1900-1903
Description: "Built on land once occupied by the Solon Richardson mansion, the Richardson Building was home to Wakefield's Post Office from 1902 until 1924. As was the custom during the 1800s and early 1900s, the…[More]

Date: 1923
Description: "Known for many years as 'Brookside,' the Pitman Estate was located at 840 Main Street in Greenwood across from Cooper Street. The house was owned by Lawrence J. Pitman who was for many years…[More]

Description: "Appropriately titled 'Peaceful Main Street,' this photograph shows downtown Wakefield as it looked in 1898. The photo was probably taken from the top floors of the Perkins building at the south…[More]

Date: 03-1934 to 05-1934
Description: "The new 1934 automobiles which were featured in the General Motors Exhibit in Boston paraded through downtown Wakefield as part of the promotional activities prior to the show. To encourage the sale…[More]

Date: 1940
Description: "Located at 591 Main Street in the Junction area of Wakefield, the Curley Brothers fuel and grain company started operations in a building near the Wakefield Junction Railway Station, subsequently…[More]

Date: 1940
Description: Image from the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department annual calendar, 1996