Naturalization Certificate

  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
  • Jeff says: My object is the naturalization application that my grandfather filled out when immigrating to Massachusetts from Greece in 1905. He came here, along with many other southern Europeans, in the years before World War I, to escape the economic problems of his home country. Once here, he met his wife, also a Greek immigrant, and started a business, the Colonial Spa, which for 80 years was one of the best known stores in Wakefield. I particularly like his fancy signature.

    To me, this otherwise bureaucratic document represents the story of so many Americans today whose families came to the US at some point in its history, and were either welcomed or not, depending on their ethnicity and the time period. Especially in this era of controversy over immigration, it gives me a connection to the generations of people who built this country and contributed their skills, their culture, their food, and their traditions. This is still happening today, just with people from other parts of the world than before.
  • 1905-09
  • Jeff Klapes


Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, “Naturalization Certificate,” Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, Wakefield, Mass., accessed May 8, 2021,


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