Richard Britton Boots, Shoes and Rubbers: 189 Main Street, circa 1880s

  • Richard Britton Boots, Shoes and Rubbers: 189 Main Street, circa 1880s
  • "Located on the west side of Main Street, south of Albion Street, Richard Britton - Boots, Shoes and Rubbers was established on November 22, 1875. Britton, who bought the retail business from Nathaniel Clark, was referred to as the leader in the retail boot and shoe business, according to the Handbook of Wakefield, published 1895. Britton was active in the community, serving as a Selectman in 1868, 1869, 1872 and 1873; as South Reading's 11th District Representative to the General Court in 1872 and 1873; and as one of three to complete the Town's history upon the unexpected death of its author Lilley Eaton, in 1872. He was a member of several committees including the five-member committee charged by an April 1871 Town Meeting vote to consider building a new high school to replace the South Reading Academy, now the Lincoln School. The committee of five included Britton, Cyrus Wakefield, Lucius Beebe, Oliver Perkins and George Packard. Town Meeting voted in May 1871 on their recommendation to purchase the old Prentiss property at the northwest corner of Lafayette and Common Streets to build the high school, now the Town Hall. The 1890 List of Taxable Polls and Estates published by the Town shows that Britton owned a home on Yale Avenue and had a reported income of $500. Fred I. Wilkins, proprietor of the Britton Shoe Store became owner of the establishment in the early 1900s. When Main Street was renumbered, the store's address changed to 443 Main Street. The building was later purchased by Charles J. Klapes of the Colonial Spa in 1920."
  • Image from the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department annual calendar, 2018
  • Photo courtesy of the Wakefield Historical Society.
  • 1880-1889
  • Wakefield, Mass. : Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department


“Richard Britton Boots, Shoes and Rubbers: 189 Main Street, circa 1880s,” Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, Wakefield, Mass., accessed April 21, 2021,


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