Daniel Goss & Co., Main Street, circa 1870s

  • Daniel Goss & Co., Main Street, circa 1870s
  • "Daniel Goss operated a heating and plumbing business at the corner of Main and Mechanic Streets, now Princess Street, until 1885. Goss, along with Oscar Noble of Wakefield applied for a patent on January 22, 1880 for an invention to improve heating stoves, 'utilizing the heat to the greatest possible extent, thereby economizing fuel' which was granted as #225,484 on March 16, 1880. Among those in his employ was George H. Taylor, who joined him in the business just days before the patent was granted. Taylor became a partner with Goss three years later, under the firm name of Daniel Goss & Co. A year later, this partnership was dissolved when Goss moved from the town. Taylor remained in business at the corner of Main and Mechanic Streets, 'doing a large and successful business for himself.' The building was the site of a fire on March 5th, 1907 that was classified as one of the town's major blazes. Soon after, he purchased the Wakefield Block at the corner of Main and Lincoln Streets and the store remained in business until June 1962. In addition to being a business owner, Taylor was a high ranking member of the Richardson Light Guard and was elected as a Major in the 'historically famous' 6th Regiment of Massachusetts Infantry. It was under his command that the Richardson Light Guard held the Number 1 position in the Massachusetts militia and its rifle team was the 'pride of the State' during the 1890s."
  • Image from the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department annual calendar, 2016
  • Photo courtesy of JC Marketing Associates
  • 1870-1879
  • Wakefield, Mass. : Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department


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