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2020 May 1 Staff Meeting.png
Creator: Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
Date: 5/1/2020
Description: This image depicts staff meetings during the period the library is shutdown. Depicted here are members of the library staff gathered to discuss the working of the library.
Collection: Stay at Home Stories

Date: 1915
Description: "This street railway car traveled to Lynn through the snowy streets of Wakefield during this storm in 1915. The storm may have occurred in December, as the winter of 1915-1916 is recorded as the ninth…[More]

Date: 06-1918
Description: "This is one of the many photos taken during the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Dr. Allston Gray Bouvé and Delia Carter Bouvé. The photo session itself is also featured in this calendar.…[More]

Date: 1922
Description: "The Methodist Episcopal Church of Wakefield was organized on June 4, 1865 with a membership of 26. According to the Proceedings of the 250th Anniversary of the Ancient Town of Redding, services were…[More]

Date: ca. 1907
Description: "Erected in the mid-1870s, the Greenwood Boston & Maine train station was originally planned for a location closer to Forrest Street. There was a contentious debate in 1873, according to the December…[More]

Date: 10-12-1926
Description: "The Spanish War Veterans' Hiker Monument was dedicated on Columbus Day, Tuesday, October 12, 1926 as part of the 75th anniversary celebration of the Richardson Light Guard. The day consisted of a…[More]

Date: 09-23-1944
Description: "Wakefield High School Class of 1917 held its 47th year reunion on Saturday, September 23, 1944 at the Lord Wakefield with 54 (39 classmates and their spouses) in attendance. The evening included a…[More]

Date: ca. 1870
Description: "The home built by Cyrus Wakefield was razed on October 17, 1921 to make way for the new high school on Main Street. An October 18, 1921 Wakefield Daily Item editorial reflected on the once-stately…[More]

Date: ca. 1966
Description: "In an advertisement and listing in the 1970 edition of the Hotel and Motel Red Book, published by the American Hotel Association Directory Corporation, the Colonial Statler Hilton Inn was listed as a…[More]

Date: 06-1918
Description: "Dr. Allston Gray Bouvé and Delia Carter Bouvé posed for a photograph in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary. The celebration took place at their home at 16 Summit Avenue with their son Alan…[More]

Date: 05-30-1944
Description: "The annual Memorial Day exercises were held on Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 30th on the Upper Common, now the Veterans' Memorial Common. A procession formed at 2 p.m. on Walton Field near the armory,…[More]

Date: 1908
Description: "This picture shows not only how Main Street looked in 1908, but also provides a look at some of the buildings from the early 1900s, all of which are now gone. The site on which the second building…[More]

Date: 04-1923
Description: "Dedicated on Saturday afternoon, April 14th, 1923, the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library was referred to in the Wakefield Daily Item as a new building "of which the citizens of Wakefield are justly proud…[More]

Date: ca. 1870
Description: "The first meeting house of the Baptist Society of the First Parish was built in 1800 on Salem Street "near the resident of the late Sylvanus Clark, No. 37 Salem Street." according to the History of…[More]

Date: ca. 1905
Description: "The Board of Fire Engineers formed a hose company in Greenwood in September 1886 at the request of local residents, "with but little expense to the town, as apparatus was in storage and members…[More]

Date: ca. 1923
Description: "Pictured on a snowy January day in front of the Riberot Dutton home at 7 Avon Street are members of the Dutton, Boothby, McMaster and Smith families. The neighborhood children: Helene Smith (front),…[More]

At the Table .jpg
Creator: Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
Date: 1998
Description: Kathleen says: "I, Too, Sing America" by Langston Hughes is such a simple declaration of the writer's love of country, a love that is not reciprocated by his white fellow citizens. Identifying himself…[More]

American Creed.JPG
Creator: Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
Date: 1905-09
Description: Jeff says: My object is the naturalization application that my grandfather filled out when immigrating to Massachusetts from Greece in 1905. He came here, along with many other southern Europeans, in…[More]

Creator: Name: Lucius Beebe Memorial LibraryFlickr username: Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
Date: 07-18-2013
Description: Performing in Beebe Library's "Plaza Jazz" series.

Creator: Name: Lucius Beebe Memorial LibraryFlickr username: Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
Date: 07-18-2013
Description: Performing in Beebe Library's "Plaza Jazz" series.