Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department calendars

The Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department has preserved hundreds of images of Wakefield in its annual calendar.


  • Institution: Lucius Beebe Memorial Library


  • Massachusetts--Middlesex(county)--Wakefield


[Aerial photo of Wakefield business district, 1930s]
[Walton field stadium proposal]
65th Annual Banquet, Company A, October 16, 1916
Building of Veteran's Field, circa 1934
Classen Bros., Inc., 1930
Company A, Sixth Regiment Armory (Richardson Light Guard), Main & Water Street, circa 1895
Dedication of Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Wakefield Common, June 17, 1902
Dedication of the state armory, January 15, 1913
Fish Run, Montrose, 1890
Patrick J. McLaughlin, Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department's first gas supervisor
Railroad Street/North Avenue, circa 1890s
Reading Infantry Company and the Richardson Light Guard
Rink fire, rear of 390 Main Street, July 21, 1900
School department
Spanish War veterans, Richardson Light Guard, 1898
Wakefield Common, Old Home Week pageant, 1934
Wakefield Mothers' Club operetta, October 1930
Ye Barnard Inn, 8 Albion Street, circa 1925
[Band stand on Wakefield Common]
[Cyrus Wakefield mansion]
[Main Street, 1900]
[Walton Field, aerial photo]
111 Albion Street, circa 1880s
40 Salem Street, circa 1875
42nd annual exhibition and prize drill, June 11, 1927
4th of July Parade 1953
Albion Diner, circa 1940
Albion Street at Railroad Avenue, 1908
Albion Street, 1930
Albion Street, circa 1931
American Gasoline & Oil, Co., Wakefield Junction, 1931
American Reed & Willow Company, North Avenue near Main Street, circa 1924
Amoskeag Steamer, circa 1930
April, 1904
Arthur H. Saunders Gasoline Station, 40 Water Street, circa 1930s
Bandstand, circa 1895
Bank building, corner of Albion Street and Railroad Avenue, circa 1868
Baseball, 1945
Bath house, Lake Quannpowitt, 1940
Bay State Military Rifle Association, circa 1906
Bayrd's Indian Trading Post, Main Street, circa 1985
Bear Hill Golf Club, circa 1900
Bessey Livery Stable, corner of Main and Chestnut Streets, September 1923
Bicyclists on the Common, 1890
Boat house and ice houses, Lake Quannapowitt, circa 1906
Bonney & Dutton's Old Corner Drug Store, circa 1907
Boothby's entry, Elks' Carnival, Labor Day, 1920
Boston & Maine Railroad, 1939
Bourdon Block (formerly Kingman Block), March 1946
Boys' Loyalty Day Parade, Thursday, May 1, 1924
Boys' Loyalty Day Parade, Wakefield High School Cadets and Franklin School, May 1, 1924
Boys soccer, 1967
Brown Block, 378 Main Street, December, 1938
Burrage Yale
C.W. Spear Dairy, Central Street, 1930s
Camp Plunkett, circa 1917
Camp Plunkett, Enfield rifle lecture, circa 1918
Car barns and power house, Water Street, corner of Valley and Melvin Streets, circa 1895
Carriage house at the Beebe Farm, Main Street, circa 1890
Cartland house and icehouses, Lake Avenue, (undated)
Catherine Simpson
Center House, Water Street, east of the railroad crossing, Winter, 1931
Centre Depot Station, Water Street, 1961
Charles E. Walton, Selectmen's office, December 1913
Charles N. Winship
Cheney building and store, 1868
Clipper Cove, Pleasure Island, 1959
Company A, April 7, 1917
Company A, Richardson Light Guard, Main Street circa early 1900s
Cornelius Sweetser
Corner of Main and Albion Street in 1890
Corner of Main and Centre Streets, 1930
Corner of Main and Green Streets, circa 1880
Corner of Main and Mechanic Streets (now Princess Street), circa 1860's
Corner of North Avenue and West Water Street, 1930
Cross country, 1971
Crystal Lake from Harts Hill,1913
Crystal Pharmacy, Greenwood, 1941
Cubby Hole Gift Shop, 380 Main Street, circa 1940s
Cutler Bros. Grocery and Grain, corner of Water and Main Streets, July, 1911
Cyrus Wakefield
Cyrus Wakefield estate, 1886
Departing for war, Company A, Richardson Light Guard, May 6, 1898
Department of Public Works
Diamond Lil Saloon, Pleasure Island, 1959
Downtown Wakefield, 1933
Downtown Wakefield, circa 1895-1900
Downtown Wakefield, January 24, 1935
Downtown Wakefield, July 4, 1922
Downtown Wakefield, Main Street, circa 1890s
Downtown Wakefield, spring, 1959
Dr. Charles Dutton and William Deadman, March 31, 1914
Dr. Curtis Levi Sopher, WMGLD Commissioner
Durant's Motors and Gulf Station, 795 Main Street, Greenwood, 1949
Eaton family
Education in Wakefield
Electric car coming from Lynn, Water Street near Brook Street, late 1890's
Elite Quality Shop, 1933
Elizabeth E. Boit
Elk Spring Beverage Company, 1944
Elks Funfest, 1930
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, parish house and rectory, circa 1905
Engine 2, Greenwood Fire Station, July 3, 1954
F.P. Hurd School, circa 1900
Field hockey, 1980
Fire department
Fire Department and the volunteers
Fire station, circa 1907
First Baptist Church, circa 1918
First Parish Congregational Church
First Parish Congregational Church, February 1909
First Parish Congregational Church, looking east on Church Street, 1909
First settlers
First settlers' homesteads
Flying Yankee, Boston to Maine
Football, 1937
Franklin School, circa 1922
G.W. Eaton, grocer delivery wagon, circa 1900
Gas division
Gasoline rationing in Wakefield, July 21, 1942
Girls basketball
Girls basketball team, 1928
Girls soccer, 1980
Girls softball, 1983
Giuliano's Barber Shop, circa 1929
Gould/Walton Block, Main and Centre Streets, circa late 1930's
Grand Army Hall, Foster Street, 1905
Green House, Main Street, circa 1800s
Greenwood Block, 1931
Greenwood School, 1910
Greenwood School, grammar school baseball champions, circa early 1930s
Greenwood Station
Greenwood Union Church
Greenwood Union Church, July 31, 1921
Gus' Home Bakery, 1915
H.M. Warren School and vicinity, circa 1910
Hamilton School, corner of Albion and Lake Streets, circa 1894
Hamilton School, February 25, 1902
Harts Hill forest fire watch tower, 1913
Hartshorne House
Harvard Knitting Mills, Albion and Foundry Streets, looking from Murray Street, circa 1911
Hathaway Stable fire ruins, October 23, 1899
Hathaway Stable, Mechanic (Princess) Street, April, 1925
Hathaway's six-horse barge, 1885
Highway department
Highway Department garage, North Avenue, 1930
Hiker Monument and Rockery, circa 1926
Hill's Boathouse, circa 1930's
Hitchcock Bicycle Shop, circa 1919
Holy Mary del Carmine Society Chapel, 1923
Horse drawn ladder truck, Wakefield rattan factory, 1900
Howard Johnson's Lakeside, circa 1936
Howlett's Mill, Wakefield/Saugus line, circa 1901
Hughes Garage, Main Street at Armory Street, circa 1915
Hurricane damage, 29 Lafayette Street, September 21, 1938
Intersection of North Avenue and Albion Street, June 24, 1930
Ira Wiley House - Main Street, circa 1896
J.J. Newberry Co. fire, December 4, 1938
John J. Round
Joseph C. Payro
July 4, 1889
Junction railroad station, circa 1907
Junius Beebe's farm, 1908
Kurrachee rugs, Wakefield Rattan Company, Arthur Dulong, driver, circa 1890s
L.B. Evans
L.B. Evans, Water Street, 1919
Ladies' Day at the Wakefield Elks Home, circa 1915
Lafayette Building, Wakefield High School, 1907
Lake Quannapowitt, a changing landscape
Lakeside Cemetery Chapel, circa 1932
Lakeside, circa 1912
Lane's Drug Store, 1950
Lilley Eaton home, corner of Main and Salem Streets, circa 1912
Lincoln School circa 1910
Lincoln School, circa 1896
Looking up to Albion Street, February 1, 1898
Lowell Street Station, 1929
Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, January 1934
Mail and communications room, American Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1958
Main and Avon Streets, circa 1921
Main Street (east side) looking toward Water Street, 1940
Main Street and Rockery, circa 1909
Main Street at Lawrence Street, circa 1890
Main Street Junction, Main Street & North Avenue, 1940
Main Street looking north, circa 1916
Main Street looking south, circa early 1900s
Main Street, Wakefield
Main Street, Wakefield in 1887
Main Street, Wakefield, spring, 1934
Maj. Suell Winn home, Elm Street
Major James H. Keough & Captain George W. Chesley
Map of Wakefield, 1875
Map of Wakefield, 1889
Members of Post 12, Grand Army of the Republic, 250th Anniversary Parade, Settlers' Day, Monday, May 28, 1894
Meriam Street, early 1900's
Methodist Church, Albion Street, 1927
Middlesex Cycle Club, circa 1890
Mike's Bob Shop, 1935
Miller Piano Company
Montrose Chapel, Salem Street, circa 1895
Montrose Station, 1915
Municipal Light Department
North Avenue, 1898
North corner of Main & Center Street, 1894
Odd Fellows Building, Main and Avon Streets, 1923
Office force, carriers and sub, Wakefield Post Office, 1892
Officer Joe Preston, Corner of Main and Mechanic (Princess) Streets, 1926
Old Home Week, Wednesday, August 15, 1934
Open and covered delivery wagons, Cutler Brothers, Main and Lincoln Streets, 1885
Opening of Route 128, August 1951
Panorama of Wakefield, 1949
Park estate, corner of Bennett and Main Streets, 1893
Peaceful Main Street
Perkins Block, October 9, 1940
Pine Street, 1910
Pitman estate, 840 Main Street, Greenwood, 1923
Pleasure Island
Pleasure Island, 1959
Pleasure Island,circa 1959
Police department
Post Office, Albion and Main Streets, 1894
Post Office, Albion Street, April 1, 1924
Postman on Main Street, 1931
Princess Theatre, 1914
Princess Theatre, circa 1944
Proctor family, circa 1899
Pumping station at Crystal Lake, 1905
Purrington Power Sprayer, circa 1900
Quannapowitt Yacht Club, Linda Road, circa 1948
Rattan factory
Reception parade for Company A, August 25, 1917
Removing the street railway tracks, July 1949
Richardson Light Guard, Richardson home, Main and Richardson Avenue, 1877
Rosson's Quannapowitt Grove, circa 1899
Rosson's Quannapowitt Grove, circa 1910
Santoro's Cafe, 1935
Settlers' Day procession
Sons of Italy, Water Street, July 4, 1922
South end of Lake Quannapowitt, August 1948
South Main Street, circa 1930
Spanish War Veterans Welcome Home Day, October 13, 1919
Speedboat regatta, Lake Quannapowitt, summer, 1929
St. Joseph's Church
St. Joseph's Church 100th anniversary banquet, October 12, 1954
St. Joseph's Church, 1899
St. Joseph's Parochial School, circa 1930
Stage of the Wakefield Town Hall, circa 1900
State Armory, Main Street, circa 1912
Steamer Minnie Maria, circa 1873
Stereograph of the First Parish Congregational Church circa 1880s
Stout Building - Wakefield Rattan Company, circa 1866
Stringer Block, 29 Albion Street, 1937
Swimming at Lake Quannapowitt, 1948
Taylor's Hardware, 1942
Testimonial dinner for Felix Pasqualino, February 21, 1934
The altar at St. Joseph's Church, circa early 1900s
The Armory, A Company, 6th Regiment, near the corner of Main and Water Streets, 1906
The Big Freight, 1930
The boat house
The Motorist's Corner, 1935
The third home of the First Parish Congregational Church, circa 1890
The wharf at Lake Quannapowitt, 1905
Thomas Emerson
Thomas Emerson's Sons Shoe Manufactory Office, circa 1890
Thomas Emerson's Sons Shoe Manufacturers, corner of Yale Avenue and Main Street, May, 1894
Thomas Winship and Joshua Whittemore (1850 to 1900)
Three modes of transportation in Wakefield
Town Farm, Farm Street, 1930
Town Hall, circa 1947
Town taxi, summer, 1943
Track, 1966-1967
Traders' Block, Wakefield Square, 1930
Train #26, May 7, 1903
Tredinnicks - a Wakefield legacy
Universalist Church May Festival, 1910 or 1911
Upper Depot, circa early 1900s
Vestry, Fourth Meeting House, First Parish Congregational Church, before 1909
View from Cowdrey's Hill, circa 1876
Volunteer Hose 2, Chestnut Street at Tuttle Street, May 18, 1894
Wakefield & Stoneham Street Railway, circa 1893
Wakefield & Stoneham Street Railway, circa 1907
Wakefield center, 1890
Wakefield Common and Lake Quannapowitt, circa mid-1940s
Wakefield Common, circa 1893
Wakefield Common, circa 1900
Wakefield Common, circa 1900
Wakefield Common, July 4, 1887
Wakefield Council #104, Knights of Columbus, 1923
Wakefield Daily Item, circa 1950
Wakefield Engine 3, 1938 Seagrave fire apparatus, Chief Frederick D. Graham, October 13, 1938
Wakefield filtration plant, Broadway, 1930
Wakefield Fire Department, 1915
Wakefield fire stations
Wakefield High School baseball club, 1900
Wakefield High School boys basketball, 1929-1930
Wakefield High School Cadets, spring, 1886
Wakefield High School co-eds, Church Street, May 28, 1894
Wakefield High School Drum Corps, 1900
Wakefield High School staff, 1898
Wakefield High School students, 1900
Wakefield High School students, Main Street near the Rockery, June 4, 1923
Wakefield High School, 1961 hockey team
Wakefield High School, December 25, 1897
Wakefield High School, football squad, 1927
Wakefield High School, Main Street, circa 1923
Wakefield Highway Department apparatus, Main Street, 1915
Wakefield Historical Society
Wakefield in 1882
Wakefield Light Plant, circa 1893
Wakefield mansion, 1893
Wakefield Mansion, Main Street, circa 1880s
Wakefield Mothers' Club
Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department, North Avenue, 1940
Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department, Railroad Street/North Avenue, 1909
Wakefield Municipal Light Department
Wakefield Municipal Light Plant, 1919
Wakefield Municipal Light Plant, September 9, 1905
Wakefield Post Office
Wakefield rattan workers, circa 1906
Wakefield Redskins, 1961
Wakefield Rockery, circa 1910
Wakefield Savings Bank, Main and Chestnut Street, 1923
Wakefield Square as it looked in 1904
Wakefield Square in 1903
Wakefield Square, circa 1940s
Wakefield Theatre
Wakefield Theatre Block circa late 1940s
Wakefield Theatre Building, circa late 1930s
Wakefield Town Hall, 1927
Wakefield Town Hall, Main Street at Water Street, 1893
Wakefield town officials
Wakefield Trust Company, 1924
Wakefield Upper Common, circa 1890
Wakefield, 1894
Wakefield, circa 1929
Wakefield, circa 1931
Wakefield's electric light plant, North Avenue, circa 1893, circa 1895-1900
Wakefield's history and industry
Wakefield's Volunteer Hose Company, 1894
Walsh's Diner, winter, 1936
Walton-Winship estate, North Avenue & Chestnut Street, 1914
Warren School, circa 1930's
Water festival, Wednesday, August 14, 1935
Water filtration plant - Broadway, 1927
Water Street, 1915
Water Street, looking toward Main Street, circa 1901
Welcome Home Day, October 13, 1919
Welcome home parade, October 13, 1919
Wiley's Boathouse, 1905
Wilkins Shoe Store, circa 1912
William J. Lee and Ruth Woodbury
Winship Mansion, Jordan Avenue, circa 1922
Woodville Chapel, Farm Street, circa 1912
Woodville School, 1930
Lucius Beebe
The Bengerstobal Trio
The Adria Smith Trio
Wakefield Common circa 1910
Cutting Ice on Lake Quannapowitt, circa 1910
St. Joseph's Church, Albion Street, circa 1909
Wakefield Post Office, Corner of Richardson Avenue and Main Street, circa early 1900s
West Side of Wakefield, circa 1909
Bear Hill Golf Club, Hopkins Street, circa 1912
Main and Albion Streets, circa 1919
July 4th Celebration, Wakefield Common, 1887
Main Street rebuilding, August 1949
Montrose railroad bridge, 1890
Wakefield YMCA Leaders Corp., undated
Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department, Railroad Avenue, early 1900s
Atkinson's Grocery Store, 1912
Wakefield Memorial High School, Main Street, circa 1955
Bickford's saw mill, 1890
Upper depot, early 1900s
Lake Quannapowitt, 1969
Robie Industrial fire aftermath, February 1972
Tractor engine & hoist, March 1935
Main Street, between Princess and Lincoln Streets, 1971
Southern corner, Main and Centre Streets, circa 1938
Harvard Knitting Mill, Albion, Foundry and Maple Streets, June 1913
Princess Theatre, 1938
Main Street, circa 1952
Wakefield High School, Lafayette and Common Streets, circa 1907
Firefighter William Tyzzer, circa 1906
Main Street, between Chestnut and Avon Streets, circa 1905
Henry F. Miller Piano Factory, circa 1894
Church Street, Wakefield Common, circa 1905
Wakefield Common, circa 1905
Wakefield's Upper Common, circa 1909
Curtis Bakery, circa 1890s
EE Gray Company, 447 Main Street, circa 1909
First National Store, March 23, 1934
Unitarian Universalist Church, Main Street circa 1894
Corner of Main and Chestnut Streets, May 1, 1924
Wakefield High School Students, Common Street at Lafayette Street, 1923
Volunteer Hose 2, Lakeside 1902
Dulong wedding party, August 1917
Hibernians at the Lincoln School, 1894
Leonard Wiley House, Crescent and Water Streets, circa 1890
Abraham Sweetser House & Joseph Hughes Garage, Corner of Armory and Main Streets, circa 1920
Atwell building fire, December 1971
Hodgdon Building, 1923
Wiley's Boathouse, 1897
WMGLD Mark A. Delory Facility, 480 North Avenue
Col. James Hartshorne House, circa 1930
Train accident, Junction Station, 1917
Main Street, May 23, 1959
Wakefield DPW street line marker, Leo T. Gerrior, 1932
Charles F. Gilman, pharmacist, Railroad Street, circa 1894
Railroad marker, Cooper Street bridge, circa 1910
Moving of the Cutler barn, Albion Street, July 15, 1948
Wakefield Police Department, November 1950
Morrill-Atwood Ice Company, 1933
Wakefield rattan factory, circa 1880
Chuck Connors, the 'Rifleman', Pleasure Island 1961
Movietime USA, Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, October 10, 1951
Interior of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Water Street circa 1890s
Main Street, Lakeside, circa 1880s
Wakefield Square, circa 1925
Wakefield Laundry, circa 1920s
Corner of Yale Avenue and Main Street, circa 1908
R.L. Pitman's Brookside Greenhouse, circa early 1900s
WHS baseball team, 1916
Route 128, May 1959
Wakefield Park, 1894
American Mutual Life Insurance, 1958
WWI sendoff, August 26, 1917
Franklin School, circa early 1900s
Herrick Buick, 472 Main Street, circa 1947
Senior play, November 1927
Stereograph, Main Street, circa early 1870s
American Mutual, 1959
Atwell School circa 1980s
Stereograph, circa 1870s
Winter on Main Street circa 1900s
Franklin School February 1903
First National Store 447 Main Street, 1934
Main Street at Crescent Street 1924
Hopkins House, Hopkins Street circa 1880s
Greenwood Sunday School Outing Tasker's Grove, circa 1885
Hood Farm, Pleasure Island 1959
Wakefield Memorial High School, Main Street, circa 1955
Daniel Goss & Co., Main Street, circa 1870s
Aerial view of Wakefield, circa 1936
Leeds Ice Cream Company, Vernon and Lowell Streets, circa 1930
Albion and Main Street, 1902
Wakefield Common, circa early 1860s
Civil defense drill, June 7, 1942
Wahpatuck Tribe 54, Improved Order of Red Men's Band, circa 1950s
Wright's Boathouse, Lake Quannapowitt, circa 1893
Geneva Joy Heath, 1895
Fountain Engine No. 3, Crescent Street, circa 1886
Cannon on the Common, circa 1890s
Old Swain house, Vernon Street, circa 1890s
Bandstand, circa 1890
Wakefield Memorial High School, Main Street, circa 1954
Wakefield Hall, circa 1870s
McMasters store, 424 Main Street
Wakefield Square, February 25, 1959
Laying of the Beebe Library cornerstone, March 17, 1922
South Reading Academy, circa 1870s
250th anniversary celebration parade, May 28, 1894
WHS 25th anniversary reunion, June 25, 1955
Ricky Nelson, Pleasure Island Showbowl, June 22, 1962
Company A leaving for Fort Devens, August 26, 1917
Crystal Lake, great New England hurricane of 1938, September, 1938
Charles Klapes at the Colonial Spa, circa late 1960s
Vernon Market, Vernon Street, circa 1946
Ladder 1, 1928
Old Town House, circa 1894
East side of Main Street, circa 1900
John F. Swinnerton, Inc.Foundry Street, circa 1930's
Greenwood Seminary Main Street, Greenwood circa 1880s
Rear of the Kingman Block: Looking south from Chestnut Street, 1923
Richard Britton Boots, Shoes and Rubbers: 189 Main Street, circa 1880s
Asaph Evans House, 19-21 Salem Street: circa late 1880s
Franklin School: 1903
Galvin Middle School: 2017
Riberot Dutton home, 7 Avon Street, circa 1923
Greenwood hose house, Oak Street, circa 1905
First Baptist Church, corner of Crescent and Main Streets, circa 1870
Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, April 1923
East Main Street, looking south 1908
Memorial Day exercises, Tuesday, May 30, 1944
50th wedding anniversary, Dr. and Mrs. Allston Gray Bouvé
Colonial Statler Hilton Inn, circa 1966
Cyrus Wakefield mansion, Main Street, circa 1870
Wakefield High School class of 1917 : 47th year class reunion, September 1944
Hiker Monument dedication, October 12, 1926
Greenwood Station, circa 1907
Methodist Church, Albion Street, 1922
50th wedding anniversary Dr. and Mrs. Allston Gray Bouvé
Winter snowstorm, Main Street, 1915
Wakefield Common :circa late 1920s
Elias Boardman House :corner of Pleasant and Salem Streets, circa 1930
Thomas Emerson's Sons shop crew :circa 1868
Dr. Cushman's house, Vernon Street :circa 1865
Greenwood gathering :circa 1930
Old Smith house :Main and Water Streets, circa 1867
Silsby Steamer at Crystal Lake :circa 1941
Crystal Lodge, A.O.U.W. :July 4, 1922
Junior Olympics, Pleasure Island :1962
Grades 1 & 2, Hurd School :circa 1902
Greenwood Branch Library :1934
Veteran Firemen's Association :Crescent Street, opposite Mechanic Street, circa 1890s
Crescent and Eaton Streets :1930
Greenwood gathering :circa 1930
Wakefield Square :circa 1980s
First Baptist Church, 1872
Boothby's Specialty Shop :432-434 Main Street, circa 1920s
Ice harvesting :circa late 1880s
L.B. Evans, Water Street, circa 1942
Emerson Homestead :Lawrence and Main Streets, circa 1906
Wakefield Clothing Company :390 Main Street, circa 1923
Building of Clipper Cove, Pleasure Island :June 5, 1959
Fourth of July celebration, 1957
Company A leaving for Camp Devens :World War I, August 1917
Kingman Block, 369 Main Street :September 1923
Frederick Ballard Eaton House :Main Street near Sweetser Street, circa early 1900s
Wakefield High School Battalion Officers :1920-21
G.W. Eaton, Grocers :Main Street, 1896
Stereograph of Lake Quannapowitt :circa 1880s
Aerial view of Wakefield, 1948

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