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Date: 1895?
Description: Partners Henry Leger and Ed Wiley split mackerel. Although one of the men had to walk with a cane, the two could still do a day's work. Transport is close at hand to take the cut fish up the beach…[More]

Date: 1895?
Description: Henry and Jack Cullen pose with an unidentified man and their Portuguese water dog near the Swampscott fishing shanties

Date: 1895?
Description: Informal portrait of Rodney A Douglass

Date: 1895?
Description: Alonzo Carey stands on Fishermen's (?) Beach in front of a lobster trap

Date: 1895?
Description: John Slattery works outside of a Swampscott fishhouse, while two men attend to tasks in the background and a boy looks on

Date: 1895?
Description: Portrait of fisherman William B. Phillips posing in his fishing gear in front of nets strung along a fence

Date: 1895?
Description: Fisherman "Phil Crowley salts down the split fish."--from Images of America : Swampscott, Turino and Mathias, 1996

Date: 1895?
Description: Fisherman John Smith inspects a barrel/float inside a fishhouse.

Date: 1914
Description: F.W. Brackett, dressed in foul weather gear, peering over a wall.

Date: 1895
Description: Fisherman Eben Martin leans on his dory at the water's edge.

Date: 1895?
Description: Informal portrait of fisherman Solomon Abbott

Date: 1895?
Description: Fishermen, Charles Abbott and "Legs" Jones, stand on a beach leaning on a fishing dory.

Date: 1890?
Description: Photo show the crew of the schooner Jeannie B. Phillips as the boat is landing ashore. There is a horse drawn cart beside the boat, and Lincoln House Point is in the background.

Date: 1910
Description: Photo of seven fishermen on Blaney Beach in Swampscott