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Date: 1913
Description: Photo of Blaney Beach in Swampscott taken around 1913.

Date: 1895?
Description: Panoramic photo shows the beach with rowboats and dories lined up along on the shore. In the foreground is a horse and buggy and several figures appear on the beach. Lincoln House Point appears in…[More]

Date: 07-29-1957
Description: Fisherman's beach, the Fish House, and many beach goers enjoying the sun and sand.

Date: 1895?
Description: Blaney Beach, also known as Fisherman's Beach, was the center of the fishing industry in Swampscott. In 1896, the town built the Fish House to "replace the numerous individual fish houses." In 1897,…[More]

Date: 1895?
Description: A group of men and women gather at King's Beach

Date: 1895
Description: Photo is taken from the water and shows the beach with fish houses and dories on the shore

Date: 1890
Description: Photo of a lapstrake dory on the beach in Swampscott. Included in the picture are Benjamin Martin and his son with an unidentified man.

Date: 1895?
Description: Photo shows a large porpoise being taken ashore on the beach, with several onlookers.

Date: 1920?
Description: View from King's Beach at Lynn Shore Drive toward Galloupe's Point with surf rolling in