Swampscott town hall

  • Swampscott town hall
  • The original Swampscott Town Hall was built in 1860 for a total of $4,381.43 including the land. It was located at Burrill Street -- the site of the present day fire station. The first town meeting was held on March 9, 1861. In 1876, Swampscott established its high school within the town hall and classes were held here until the Phillips School was built in 1894. In 1885 a bell tower and clock were added to the building and in 1902 an addition was built onto the left, rear of the building. The Swampscott Town Hall was relocated to the Elihu Thomson House in 1945. This building was razed in 1960 to make way for the new fire station.--from Images of America : Swampscott, Turino and Mathias, 1996.
  • View of the left front and side of Swampscott Town Hall from a yard across the street. A memorial or, honor roll, to the town's war dead is located to the left of the building.
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  • 1959?


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