Sunbeam Farm, side view : 1

  • Sunbeam Farm, side view : 1
  • The Sunbeam Inn operated from the 1920's until 1955. It consisted of the main building, which housed a dining room and dance floor, a vegetable stand, a barn and greenhouse, and Gerould's Ice Cream Shop.
  • In 1957 restauranteur Anthony Athanas purchased the property and opened the General Glover Restaurant on the site. The General Glover remained open until the late 1990's.
  • Shows a side view, from Paradise Road, of the Sunbeam Farm/Sunbeam Inn building taken in 1937. This large building featured two rounded towers at either end of the building, with a flagpole atop each tower. The lower level of the building was made of rough stone and the upper level of brick.
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  • 1937


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