Fisherman's Beach, Swampscott, Masssachusetts prior to 1896

  • Fisherman's Beach, Swampscott, Masssachusetts prior to 1896
  • Blaney Beach, also known as Fisherman's Beach, was the center of the fishing industry in Swampscott. In 1896, the town built the Fish House to "replace the numerous individual fish houses." In 1897, the Report of the Park Commissioners stated that, "We have aimed at two things: a convenient and sanitary quarters and an architecturally attractive sturcture becoming of a high class pleasure resort." The fish house remains operational and is the only known municipal fish house still in use in the United States.--from Images of America : Swampscott, Turino and Mathias, 1996
  • Artist's rendering shows a panoramic view looking north along Blaney (Fisherman's) Beach with fish houses in the background and fishermen on the beach and in dories as well as figures walking on the street above the beach.
  • Date estimated
  • 1895?


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