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Creator: Whipple, Henry, 1789-1869
Date: 1861
Description: Digital copy available at the Salem State Digital Commons.
Collection: Salem Maps

Creator: McIntyre, H. (Henry)
Date: 1851
Description: Map detailing streets and properties of Salem in 1851.
Collection: Salem Maps

Creator: Saunders, Jonathan Peele, 1785-1844
Date: 1820
Description: Scanned from Mr. Samuel McIntire, carver, the architect of Salem, fig. 16. Created from surveys made in 1796 & 1805. From Salem State University Archives: “This map, prepared in 1820 but based…[More]
Collection: Salem Maps

Creator: DeCosta, J.
Date: Date Depicted: 1775; Date Created: 1911
Description: “A plan of the town and harbor of Boston and the country adjacent with the road from Boston to Concord showing the place of the late engagement between the King’s Troops & the provincials,…
Collection: Salem Maps

Creator: Freeman, William W. K.
Date: Date depicted: 1700; Date created: 1933
Description: Map detailing streets and properties of Salem in 1700. Physical maps available at Salem Public Library. Digital copy available at Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive & Transcription Project.
Collection: Salem Maps