Salem Postcards

Postcards portraying historic Salem.


  • Institution: Salem Public Library


  • Massachusetts--Essex (county)--Salem


Salem Fire of 1914, Bird's Eye View
Salem Fire of 1914, Feeding Homeless Children
Salem Fire of 1914, Ruins of Naumkeag Mills
Salem Fire of 1914, Ruins of Fire House
Salem Fire, Residential Ruins
Salem Fire of 1914, Ruins on Leach St. & Lafayette St.
Salem Fire of 1914, Homeless Salvaging Household Goods
Salem Fire of 1914, Rescued Household Goods
Parlor in 17th Century House
The Arbella, Gov. Winthrop's Flagship
Statue of Roger Conant
House of the Seven Gables, Garden View
House of the Seven Gables, Front
Salem Pioneer Village, 1630
Salem Willows, "Kiddies Bathing Beach"
Chestnut St. Doorways
Interior of English Wigwam at Pioneers' Village
Dug outs, saw pit, and English wigwams at the Pioneers' Village
English wigwams at the Pioneers' Village
Pillory and stocks at the Pioneers' Village
The Governor's Faire House and herb garden at the Pioneers' Village
North Church
Garden, West, Ropes Mansion
Elizabeth Orne Room, Ropes Mansion
Ropes Mansion
House of Seven Gables
Reverend Sam Parris House, Salem Village, Danvers
First Meeting House, Built 1635
Rear of Witch House
Old Witch House
Roger Williams House or Old Witch House, built 1635
Salem Club House, formally Residence of George Peabody, Esq., Built 1818
Ship Mount Vernon
Birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne
Hawthorne Birthplace
Hawthorne's Birthplace, postcard sent in 1906
Custom House, Connected with Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter"
Salem Harbor view
The South Church, built 1804, destroyed by fire December 1903
Public Library
Public Library at Salem, MA
Pilgrim Motel Postcard
Nathaniel Hawthorne Postcard - "Salem's Great Romancer"
The Witch House

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