Salem in World War I - Desjardins/Ouelette Collection

Collection includes postcards received by Anna Desjardins of Salem, MA and Omer Ouellette of Canada during World War I. Anna lived in Salem for most of her life, but was briefly displaced to Lynn, MA after the Great Salem Fire of 1914. Anna was born December 28, 1897 and lived until June 13, 1969. In August of 1926, Anna and Omer Ouellette married, later having two children, Jacqueline and Roger.

The collection also features portraits of the Desjardins/Ouellette family, but the subjects are unknown.


  • Institution: Salem Public Library
  • Ouellette, Caroline


Postcard : I Hate Work...
Postcard : U.S. Navy
Postcard : Dream of the Abesent [sic]
Postcard : A think of France
Postcard : Souvenir affectueux
Postcard : Vision Chere...
Postcard : Bonne Annee
Postcard : Embroidery
Postcard : Embroidery : I think of you
Postcard : Woman in a hat
Postcard : L'Hotel de Ville
Postcard : Paix sur la Terre
Postcard : Paix sur la Terre (2)

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