Salem in World War I - Kieran Collection

Pvt. James H. Kieran served in Battery E of the 71st Artillery C.A.C. Growing up, Kieran lived at 21 Briggs St, Salem and attended St. Mary's parochial school, Salem High School, and Suffolk Law School, class of 1927. He worked as a machinist at United Shoe Machinery Corporation in Beverly, MA. After passing the bar, James worked as a lawyer for the remainder of his career.


  • Institution: Salem Public Library


Anjou Pamphlet
James Kieran WWI Diary
Postcard: 6. Angers - Place du Ralliement
Postcard: YMCA Department for Reception of Returning Troops
Postcard: Angers - Caserne Desjardins
Postcard: Angers - La Palais de Justice
Postcard: Angers - Boulevard du Marechal-Foch
Postcard: Angers - La Statue du Roi Rene et le Chateau
Postcard: Angers - Vue generale vers le Pont de la Basse-Chaine et le Chateau
Postcard: 36. - Angers - La Place du Ralliement
Postcard: Institution libre Mongazon-Angers -- Galerie des Classes
Postcard: Angers - Cathedrale et montee Saint-Maurice
Postcard: Institution Libre Mongazon-Angers -- Entree principale L'Allee des peupliers
Postcard: Angers - Institution libre Mongazon
Postcard: Angers - Institution libre Mongazon (2)
Postcard: Institution Libre Mongazon-Angers - Le Bosquet
Postcard: Institution Libre Mongazon-Angers -- La Cour d'Honneur et les Parlois
Postcard: Angers - Institution libre Mongazon - La Refectoire
Postcard: Le Plessis-Grammoire
Postcard: Le Plessis-Grammoire - La Mairie et le Monument aux Morts
Postcard: Le Plessis Grammoire - La Rue Louis-Charpentier
Postcard: Le Plessis Grammoire - La Rue de la Mairie
Postcard: Le Plessis Grammoire - Place de l'Eylise
Postcard: Le Plessis Grammoire - Le Mail
Postcard: The Bargate (South) Southampton
Postcard: The old walls and esplanade, Southampton
Postcard: Angers - La Tour Saint-Aubin
Postcard: Angers - La Cathedrale Saint-Maurice
Postcard: Angers - La Maison d'Adam
Postcard: Angers - Rue de la Censerie
Address book
Group Photo of "Score Club"
Veterans march
Kieran Family Portrait
Blue Star, Framed Photo
Alice Kieran Portrait
Poem to the New Lawyer
James H. Kieran, Attorney-at-Law envelope
Jim Kieran's X-ray Findings
A Prayer for soldiers
Veterans identification card
Blood donor certificate
Framed WWI Ephemera
John J. Pershing Letter
Letter from E. Lindon Butler to James Kieran
The Manchuria Messenger, Vol. 1 No. III
The Manchuria Messenger, Vol. 1 No. II
Picture of S.S. Manchuria
When You Go Home
Popular Songs of the A.E.F.
L'Architecture Francaise a l'Epoque Ogivale - L'Eglise Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Kieran Family Home
Newspaper Clippings - WWI
Letter from Mae Burke to James Kieran, 02-09-1918
Letter from Sadie to James Kieran, 12-01-1918
Letter from Alice Kieran to James Kieran, 12-01-1918
Letter from Margaret Conley to James Kieran, 12-08-1918
Letter from Peter Kieran to James Kieran, 12-17-1918
Letter from to James Kieran, 12-19-1918
Letter from Walter to James Kieran, 12-25-1918
Letter from Alice Kieran to James Kieran, 01-01-1919

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