Salem Public Library : Winter of 2015

In 2015, Salem had one of its snowiest 30-day periods on record, with over 70 inches falling between January 12th and February 10th. Other towns in Essex county and nearby Suffolk county also topped the previous record set during the infamous Blizzard of '78. During the month of February, Salem had a total of 18 days with measureable snow fall. Additionally, February was one of the coldest of any month on record for the town, with an average temperature of only 17 degrees.

This image collection shows the impact of the stormy weather on the Salem Public Library.


  • Institution: Salem Public Library


  • Massachusetts--Essex (county)--Salem


Lone parking space
Frozen fountain
Follow the path to children's
Covered courtyard
View from inside
Tree holding snowball
The "no parking" dance
Snowbank touches sign
Library adrift
Path between piles
Parting the snow
Cut to cross
So. Much. Snow.
Snow covered corner
Blowing off the banks
Library drifts
Fence banks

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