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Date: 1975
Description: "Home of Wm. Perkins - YMCA - necktie factory - VFW meetinghouse. Destroyed by fire set 1975."

Creator: Carter, Russell
Date: 1957

Date: 02-23-1965
Description: "The Baptist Church on the corner of Woburn and Sanborn Streets was destroyed by fire." -- From the album containing the photograph

Date: 1909
Description: "Ruins Cong. Church Reading." Written on the photograph.;

Date: 09-07-1962
Description: "Now the site of the Wright Building, Woburn Street." -- From the album containing the photograph

Creator: Carter, Adelbert
Date: 1884
Description: "John DeRonde on left, Ardie Parker on right. House at left margin is 30-32 Elliott Street. Next two houses are 215 and 217 Washington Street. House half-hidden by chimney is 92 Green Street, corner…[More]

Creator: Carter, Adelbert
Date: 1884
Description: "Twin houses are at the fork of Parker and Haven Streets. House in background is 322 Haven Street, opposite Village Street. Barn to left and back of smoke stack at right edge of photo is in the yard…[More]

Date: 1884
Description: "Location of building rubble in the mill yard is unknown."