[Willow tree]

  • [Willow tree]
  • "Willow tree on right that we played in as kids." Written on the face of the photo by Mrs. Converse.
  • "The personal photo album of Mrs. Albert F. Converse. 1906-1909?
  • Mrs. Albert F. Converse's photo album was damaged by a flood in the library in 1988. The photos, however, were untouched. They are, however, suffering from deterioration and ballpoint pen marks. The photos offer a good look at many private homes in Reading during the first decade of the 20th century. And, while there are many existing photographs of the exteriors of Reading homes, the view of Mrs. Converse's living room (page 13) is a rare photo of Victorian interior design in the library's collection. Street numbers and updates were added by Mrs. Miriam Barclay in 1965. Written comments are within quotation marks." From the album containing the photograph.
  • [1906-1909?]


“[Willow tree],” Reading Public Library, Reading, Mass., accessed November 29, 2021, https://digitalheritage.noblenet.org/reading/items/show/4535.


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