Borden Gym as a Backdrop for a New Car

  • Borden Gym as a Backdrop for a New Car
  • Construction on Borden Gym was started in 1900 and opened officially on March 22, 1902 with a basketball game against the Harvard Freshmen. It replaced the gym that had been in Bulfinch Hall, which was now to become a Dining Hall. In 1909 the students started a fund to build a pool, and by the end of 1911 the pool was open in a new wing. It has since held many events not the least of which was SAT Testing. This picture shows the Athletic Department getting a new extra long station wagon to help get the equipment get where the boys are going to be winning the game. Both car and building are classics.
  • Andover, Mass. : Phillips Academy
  • Communications Department Phillips Academy


“Borden Gym as a Backdrop for a New Car,” Phillips Academy, Andover, accessed September 20, 2020,


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