COVID Chronicles with Corey Jackson

  • COVID Chronicles with Corey Jackson
  • Bedrosian, Josiah
  • Jackson, Corey
  • In Episode 5 of COVID Chronicles, Josiah sat down with Corey Jackson from Citizens Inn. Please go to to donate or if you are seeking assistance during this time.
  • Josiah Bedrosian interviews Corey Jackson, Executive Director of the Citizen's Inn Shelter, a family shelter and food pantry. Mr. Jackson discusses services provided by Citizen's Inn to families in Peabody and Salem. Citizen's Inn serves approximately 4,000 people and expects to provide almost 2 million tons of food to residents this year. Citizen's Inn merged with Haven from Hunger recently. They pride themselves on providing dignified service to people, including a full shopping experience with a lot of variety and choice. Since the pandemic began, there have been some changes in how Citizen's Inn operates. For example, food is now pre-bagged and provided curbside. The meals program had been served restaurant-style, but is now offered "to-go." Staff spend more time with clients on the phone and online. Citizen's Inn has received funding to recruit laid-off restaurant staff to work at the organization. Regular volunteers are still being recruited, but must adhere to health and safety guidelines. The city of Peabody has been providing volunteers from city departments, including the police and fire departments. Mr. Jackson also stressed the importance of financial donations to enable his organization to respond to the current crisis on an ongoing basis, noting that Citizen's Inn has extended its services to provide food to senior citizens and children in Peabody. He also noted that the Citizen's Inn web site includes resources for citizens who need services.
  • 04-08-2020
  • Peabody Access Telecommunications



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