Tacking loft

  • Tacking loft
  • Black and white photograph with ball point pen noting Tacking Loft at the Boston Mat Leather Company, Peabody, Massachusetts. In pen is the notation, Barney Boyarsky, Peabody; Boss Tacker and a good one.
  • Boyarsky is the man standing closest to the camera on the viewer's right. He wears a shirt, vest and pants and stands with his hand son his hips. On both sides of the photo are rows of wooden pallets with an aisle down the middle. Ten men stand on either side of the aisle. The room is sunny and well lit and many of the men are smiling. Behind the third man on the left side is a boy peeking over his shoulder. The name on the photo is actually Barney Boyasky, leather worker with a house at 20 English Street.
  • Men at work
  • 1918


“Tacking loft,” Peabody Institute Library, Peabody, Mass., accessed December 6, 2022, https://digitalheritage.noblenet.org/peabody/items/show/173.


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