Beam House

  • Beam House
  • Black and white photograph from the Boston Mat Leather Company, Peabody, Massachusetts, 1918. In ball point pen is noted Beam House.
  • What appears to be a posed photo shows three men at work with a fourth in the far background. To the viewer's left are several large wooden containers with metal hoops. Behind them is a large trough in which a liquid is being sprayed. The man on the right stands on a large step stool wearing a hat, shirt, pants and boots almost up to his knees. He holds onto a piece of what appears to be a large drum to balance himself. Behind him another man standing behind a large wooden wheelbarrow with his hands on his hips. He also wears a hat and has a moustache. He wears what appears to be a leather apron. Further back is another man with a large bushy moustache. He stands behind a wagon with hides on it and wears a leather apron as well. Further back is a worker that is impossible to distinguish. Hoses run across the floor which is dirty and has pieces of hides on it. Pipes and gears run across the ceiling.
  • 1918


“Beam House,” Peabody Institute Library, Peabody, Mass., accessed September 26, 2022,


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