Men in office

  • Men in office
  • Black and white photograph of three men in Boston Mat Leather Factory office, 1918.
  • The man at the desk is identified as George Laemmle and he holds a long narrow tool. Behind him hanging on the wall is a telephone. One his desk are two wire baskets, one inside the other containing papers. Beside those are large books, apparently ledgers. Over the desk is a lamp with hanging wires and on the desk is another lamp. On the wall is a print in a frame beneath which is hung a row of what appear to be stamps. The man furthest back is identified as Morris Cohen. He's reading a paper with a bit of a smile. He wears a three piece suit and his hat is tipped back. The other man, identified as the Office Manager, L. Harris, stands before what appears to be an adding machine, holding two paper cards which he seems to be reading. He wears a tie, vest, suit pants and a hat. A calendar, all but faded from view hangs on the left of the door and above the radiator is a wall of what might be keys. The Office Manager, Louis Harris lived in Beachmont, Massachusetts.
  • Office work at Leather Company
  • 1918


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