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Date: ca. 1937 - 1939
Description: "During the 1930's, there were a number of movies for Wakefield residents to see, and two theaters from which to choose - the Wakefield Theatre at the corner of Main and West Water Streets, and the…[More]

Date: ca. 1947 - 1949
Description: "The 1915 Appleton Building (named for the builder H.A. Appleton of Boston) housed the Wakefield Theatre, W.T. Grant Co. department store, Cataldos Pharmacy and Thom McAn shoe store. W.T. Grant moved…[More]

Description: "For over 50 years, the Wakefield Theatre provided hours and hours of entertainment to Wakefield area residents and their family members, long before VCRs were ever imagined. Nestled in the Appleton…[More]