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Date: 1893
Description: "The mansion of the late Cyrus Wakefield, at the site of the present Junior High and Atwell Schools, was decorated on July 1, 1893, to mark the 25th anniversary of the town's name change from South…[More]

Date: 1886
Description: "This view from the mansion of Cyrus Wakefield, looks south toward Crystal Lake. The grounds were said to have been as magnificent as the house. Cyrus Wakefield purchased an estate in South Reading…[More]

Description: "Although not born on South Reading soil, Cyrus Wakefield has become the unofficial 'father' of the town which eventually bore his name. Born in Roxbury, New Hampshire on February 14, 1811, he was…[More]

Description: Postcard shows a view of the Cyrus Wakefield mansion once located on Main Street on the site of the present Galvin Middle School. The mansion was sited approximately opposite Richardson Street, on…
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