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Date: 1898
Description: "The town's annual report for the year ending January 31, 1899 noted that there were 50 teachers and more than 1,500 students throughout the school system. Of that total, seven teachers, including the…[More]

Creator: Giersach, Walter
Description: Originally located on campus next to Newman House, the Andover Bookstore has been around for over 200 hundred years. It was originally owned by Mark Newman, the third principal of the academy. Besides…[More]

Date: 02-15-1957
Description: Copied from Picture
Collection: Helen Cutter Slides

Creator: LeVangie, Rosemary Hamill
Date: 05-06-1976
Description: 2 sound files (60 minutes), digital, MPEG3 file

Date: 05-21-1978
Description: 2 sound file (minutes)s, digital, MPEG3 file

Creator: Steele, Rachel
Date: 10-08-1975
Description: 4 sound file (60 minutes)s, digital, MPEG3 file

Creator: Herrick, Walter R.
Date: 07-22-1975
Description: 2 sound file (60 minutes), digital, MPEG3 file

Creator: Richardson, Clark
Date: 03-24-1975
Description: 2 sound files (31 minutes), digital, MPEG3 file