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Date: 1854-1918
Description: "P.O., library, town hall opened in 1918, all in same year. D. Kingman house. 1854 map. Moved from site." Written on back of photograph.;"Corner of Sanborn and Haven Street. Site of new post office,…[More]

Date: 1905
Description: "Looking east toward railroad station." -- From the album containing the photograph

Description: "Published by HP McIntire" on face of postcard

Description: "At fork of Ash and Main Streets. Now site of glass company." From album containing the photograph.

Description: "Another view with trolleys! Busy intersection - then and now!"

Date: [1890-1899?]
Description: "Looking NW to Lowell Street. Good view of single trolley track! No cars, no buggies, and no trolley!"

Description: "Trolley car barns Salem Street, corner of Harrison Street."

Description: "East side of Main Street at beginning of Harnden Street. Sign over large awning on left 'Waiting room - Bay State Street RR. 1992 - Salon Muffie."

Date: 1920-1924
Description: "Mechanics Savings and Cooperative mid to late 1920s photo." -- from the album containing the photograph

Description: Post-1937 address is 600 Main Street Reading MA