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Date: 1898
Description: "This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Spanish-American War which was declared on April 26, 1898. This action followed Spain's oppressive treatment of Cuba's struggle for independence since…

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M. , 1964-
Date: 04-25-2008
Description: Photos show views of the Rockery in the middle of Main Street at the intersection of Crescent Street. The Rockery was contructed to beautify the area in the 1880s, and at the time was often called…[More]

Creator: Hill, Loren
Date: 2010
Description: "The unique rock structure on Main Street honored local town history. It was inviting, almost pastoral, as illustrated by the young lad and his relaxed pose. Today the area is less inviting. No…[More]

Creator: Bruce, David
Date: 2010
Description: "As Sofia and I walked around town, taking pictures for the Library's Wakefield Then & Now Photo Contest, I thought of the original picture postcard of The Rockery, postmarked 1914, with a young boy…[More]

Date: [1920-1929?]
Description: Postcard shows the Rockery on Main Street, looking north. The statue known as "The Hiker", by Theo Alice Ruggles Kitson, was dedicated on October 12, 1926 in honor of Wakefield citizens who took part…[More]
Collection: Wakefield Postcards