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Date: 1930-1939
Description: Twin Echo Farm, previously the Pratt-Mudge Farm built in the 1800s.

Creator: Wells, Elinor Batchelder
Date: 12-1942 to 02-1943
Description: Wartime dog "Blackout" posing with Aunt Alice after our first winter snow.

Date: 02-1967
Description: Kids were having fun on a "snow day." Tracy and Dennie on a snowbank. The winter of 1966-67 was very snowy. Location: corner of Palmer/11 Andover Street Pictured: Tracy Twomey, Dennis Twomey[More]

Date: 02-08-2003
Description: Too much snow, we just shoveled to the grill and barbecued. The dogs were eye-level with the grill. Pictured: David Benson, Lainey Benson, Roofus Benson

Creator: Howe, L.V.
Date: 1939
Description: L.V. Howe, Melrose

Date: [1938]
Description: The rocks have been removed