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Date: 07-21-1942
Description: "Motorists converged on Fred's Service Station at the corner of Main and West Water Streets one day before a gasoline rationing plan went into effect. As part of the War Price and Rationing Board's…[More]

Date: ca. 1930 - 1939
Description: "The gasoline station at 40 Water Street was owned by Arthur H. Saunders from the late 1920's until 1938 when an 'out-of-town' man bought the station, and owned it for one year. During Saunders'…

Date: 1931
Description: "Gasoline stations were evident on many street corners in business districts, including this one at 564 Main Street, at the junction of North Avenue, Main Street and Nahant Street. In 1930, American…[More]

Creator: Cram, Arthur T.
Date: 05-19-1956
Description: "Looking north toward Reading Square."

Date: 1950-1959
Description: "Lyceum Hall - left, Masonic Hall - center, Theatre - right"

Date: 1938
Description: 62 Linden Street, Reading, MA, 01867; 2 Haven Street, Reading, MA, 01867; 53 Prescott Street, Reading, MA, 01867

Description: "Less than a decade ago, at the corner of Main and Ash Streets stood the house and adjoining building at one time owned by Jonathan Frost. The Frost brothers, twins, kept a store in the small building…[More]

Date: 1937
Description: "Jack O'Brien's station, Salem Street. 1937 photo." -- From the album containing the photograph