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Description: "Wakefield has a rich history, peppered with an immense variety of facts and figures unique only to the community. Wakefield, as we know it today, was not always 'Wakefield', rather it has been known…[More]

Creator: O'Brien, George
Date: 08-07-1975
Description: 2 sound file (minutes)s, digital, MPEG3 file

Date: 04-1989
Description: It showed the family worked with John L. George to have him re-elected as Selectman.

Date: 05-06-1980
Description: John had succeeded in being elected as Selectman for the first time. Joan campaigned with John and was happy that they won. Location: Polish Club Pictured: John L. George, Joan M. George

Date: ca. 1972
Description: My mother always wore a turquoise pantsuit. She did this so often that one year a child impersonated her in the Horribles Parade. Pictured (L to R): Marjorie Watters Murray (my mother), Francis H.…[More]

Date: ca. 1970
Description: Marjorie Watters Murray (my mother) marching in parade as selectman (second woman). She was the first woman head of selectman. Pictured (L to R): Joe Pennimpede, Marjorie Watters Murray, Bob…

Date: 1957
Description: Dad, in his capacity as Danvers Selectman, was signing an important document for the town and we were "witnessing" at the dining room table. Pictured (L to R): Susan Pelletier, Donald Pelletier,…[More]

Date: 12-1957
Description: Memory of my father in his role as Selectman. Christmas raffle drawing at downtown department store, Nessan's.