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Description: "Many children of the 1930's and 1940's were in awe of the 'Flying Yankee', with its green and gold locomotive, nickel-plated cylinder heads and brass name plate at its front. The nonstop express…

Creator: Kraus, Cole
Date: 2011
Description: Original photo taken by Joseph Payro on December 24, 1939 shows a locomotive heading south towards Melrose along the shore of Crystal Lake in Greenwood. Current photo taken by Cole Kraus, 2011.

Creator: Smith, Dwight A.
Date: 09-30-1950
Description: "Eclectic was the word for the passenger-train consists. [sic] In this September 30, 1950, scene of P-3 3708 leaving Reading with 119, a noon-time run to Dover NH, the RPO is ex-PRR, the combine…

Date: 09-1951
Description: "Collection of H. K. Vollrath";"Five P-2 Pacifics, Schenectady products of 1911 and 1913 - 3652, 3669, 3627, 3662 and 3673 - are bedded down for an autumn night at the four-stall Reading Highlands…

Creator: Cram, Arthur T.
Date: 10-1955