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Creator: Danforth, Paul
Date: 06-1952
Description: Location: Calvary Church Pictured (L-R): Rev. Alan Clark, Baby Paula, Eunice Putnam Watters, James Dempsey, Sara Putnam

Creator: Kingsley, Don
Date: 09-01-1952
Description: Marjorie's 24th Birthday in the dining room of 16 Burroughs Street. Cake from Scratch Gifts

Creator: Watters, John
Date: 07-1950
Description: This tree and many other trees were knocked down by Hurricane Carol in 1954. Location: 16 Burroughs Street Pictured (L-R): Sara Putnam; Mary Putnam Dempsey; Eunice Hyde Putnam Watters;…

Date: 1916
Description: This photo is of my grandmother, her sisters and their parents. The Putnam family is descended from General Putnam's brother. Mary Dempsey became the matriarch of the family. Edith Brown was…[More]