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Date: ca. 1950
Description: "During the late 1800's Wakefield residents were able to get their news from a wide variety of newspapers. Prior to the founding of the Wakefield Daily Item on May 7, 1894 by Fred W. Young, Wakefield…[More]

Creator: Phillips Academy
Date: 1854-1991
Description: 86 volumes, illustrations (some color)

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M. , 1964-
Date: 06-26-2008
Description: Photos show the Wakefield Daily Item building located at 26 Albion Street on the south side of the street at the corner of Foster Street. Built around 1912, the structure has an exterior of red…

Creator: Abbot Academy
Date: 1923-1973
Description: 12 volumes : illustrations (some color)

Creator: Abbot Academy
Date: 1873-1997
Description: 40 volumes, illustrations (some color)

Creator: Abbot Academy
Date: 1900-1973
Description: 73 volumes : illustrations (some color)

Creator: Kenyon, Paul B, Interviewee
Date: 1978
Description: 2 sound files, digital, MPEG3 file