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Creator: Kingsley, Don
Date: 09-01-1952
Description: Marjorie's 24th Birthday in the dining room of 16 Burroughs Street. Cake from Scratch Gifts

Creator: Watters, John
Date: 07-1950
Description: This tree and many other trees were knocked down by Hurricane Carol in 1954. Location: 16 Burroughs Street Pictured (L-R): Sara Putnam; Mary Putnam Dempsey; Eunice Hyde Putnam Watters;…

Date: ca. 1972
Description: My mother always wore a turquoise pantsuit. She did this so often that one year a child impersonated her in the Horribles Parade. Pictured (L to R): Marjorie Watters Murray (my mother), Francis H.…[More]