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Description: "The first Reading Board of Selectmen was created in 1647, consisting of seven men who were assigned the task of overseeing the settlement and creating the modified, democratic government of the…

Date: 12-1916
Description: "Charles E. Walton was said to be one of Wakefield's most prominent citizens, active throughout his life in civic, church, fraternal and military organizations. He was a native of Wakefield (South…

Creator: Simpson, Catherine, 1913-1971
Description: "Catherine Simpson, a lifelong resident of Wakefield, was the daughter of Albert F. and Mary (Gahan) Simpson. A 1930 graduate of Wakefield High School, Miss Simpson was also a graduate of Bryant &…

Description: "Burrage Yale was born in Meriden, Connecticut on March 27, 1781, the son of Amerton and Sarah (Meriman) Yale. Since his family was dependent upon the elder Mr. Yale for support, Burrage set off at an…[More]

Date: 1970-1979
Description: Photo taken during the 1970s at the Peabody Institute Library, 15 Sylvan Street, Danvers